The photo archive of San Ignacio today holds 940 pictures, treasured over the years in the trunks and boxes of the families of San Ignacio. Here you can see 315 of the best. Whenever I visit someone I ask if they have old photos tucked away. A few are from books, magazines and museum collections and these sources are noted. The archive was begun in 2003, as an exhibit of 100 photos for the Fiestas Tradicionales de San Ignacio, by Javier Romero Fuerte and Gerardo Arce Castillo.

Each day of the fiesta in the last week of July these old photos stand exhibited in the plaza of San Ignacio. The weather is hot and there is not much to do until the procession of the saint in the late afternoon, so the photos get a lot of attention. The people of San Ignacio move slowly along, seeking familiar faces, and telling me the names and the history of their ancestors.
Jane Beard Ames